Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I exist in no eyes, exept yours...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Perfect World

I'd dig through the desert to find you, but... I know where you are now. I know whos arms are wraping your tender body. I know who covers you in those cold, cold nights. I know... I don't wanna know! I want to sing to you again, I want to walk around the world with your hand in mine. I want to watch you as you aproach me, to hugh you without the fear that you'll leave. I want my world to be perfect, but it's not! Nothing can be perfect without you there...

Friday, March 27, 2009

When She Smiles

When she smiles, the whole world is lit. Every shade of blue shines brighter, when she smiles. When she smiles, my world gets recreated. Evey day that commes seems happier, when she smiles...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I never sat on the front seat of cabs. I've never known a cab driver, nor I was interested in their theories of the just how sneaky women are. Even when they would go on talking, I'd simply put back the earphones in my ears and went on enjoying the music...

On that day, when I was wondering mindlessly in the town by the lake, I got a call. I was suppose to go somewhere and it was urgent. I don't actually remember where, but I know it was impossible to go on foot and get there on time. Before I could do anything, a cab pulled up next to me, and on top of everything, the driver opened the front door for me and said - come in, sir.

I closed the door that he oppened and in acordance with my habit, I sat on the back seat. I told him my destination, and started staring at the flat surface of the lake. He started telling a tale, but I didn't listen. 

- I know your trouble - he said, raising the tone of his voice, after noticing I don't care what he does.

I didn't say anything, but he got my atention.

- It's a woman, isn't it? - he asked, very carefuly. 

- Isn't it always a woman? - I replied with bitternes in my voice.

- There are women and women, my friend. It seems to me like you have lost one that was more than just a woman... - he said and then started to whistle the tune of “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved”.

It was too much. I couldn't hold it any longer, I remembered an old and bad habit of mine and told him everything that was on my mind. I threw some curses at him, telling him to leave me alone and to drive, cause that was his job!

He frowned, but didn't get mad. He told me he was going to tell a story and all I had to do was listen. He said he knew I would because I'd surely be interested. He knew well:

"I do what I do for more than thirty years now. The hears on your skin would stand up if you only knew what I have seen. But, if you only knew the beauties I've witnessed, you'd know why it's worth living.

One day, many years ago, just as my shift ended, I went to the market, to buy some fruit before going home. It was then that I saw the strangest thing in my life. On a bench there was a pregnant woman, just siting. Out of nowhere, a young girl appeared, dressed in a white dress, it couldn't have been older than 2 years. It came up to the woman and said - hurry up, give birth to the baby.

The woman asked with a huge smile - why?

The cute little girl smiled that much more and said - because I am suppose to be hugging him."

- What's so strange about that story? Kids say stuff like that all the time... - I said, pissed off.

The taxi stopped, somewhere by the lake, but far from the destination I had specified. 

- What now? - I asked.

- That's why it was strange, lad! - he said and pointed towards the water. - That's the girl that wanted to hug you before you were even born...

I wasn't listening to him any more. It was her. My Beauty. I found her once more.

- How did you get here? - she asked, smiling, just before she grabed me and pulled me into her self.

- The cab - I answered.

- What cab? - she asked again.

I turned around. The dark street was empty.

I Don't Write

I don't write for anybody. Least for my self. I write because the words are heavy. I won't ever scrible a few verses and I won't keep them in my shue box only when "the wise" will decide that that is the day of pointles writing... Everyday is pointles. Everyday that you aren't a part of...

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Bus That Went Nowhere

The bus departed from their station. Those two immediately started throwing words around.

- I was thinking - he said, with his silent tone, the same tone that foretold a lengthy conversation.

- When you think, kingdoms fall - she said, with a smile unlike any other on the planet.

The bus was cruising down the streets, never repeating the same path twice.

- You displaced my definition of happiness - he said after the long pause in which he stared into the two pupils that almost drank him dry.

- It was on purpose - she said with her sweetly distorted voice.

He grabbed her hand. The bus was still going somewhere.

- Don't ever get mad at me for the way that I love you. You know that I want you to be mine and only mine. You know that nothing tastes as it use to? Everything is sweetened by the thoughts of you...

- She squeezed his hand harder. The bus was now going nowhere. It didn't exist.

Friday, February 20, 2009

For you

Ever since you stuck your hands up my sleeves, I knew you'd be mine. As soon as I wormed up palms, you wormed up my heart... Today, I no longer know how to describe my love for you. I can only let you crawl under my skin so you can truly feel who I'm living for...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The night

I was petrified by the night. I didn't want to fall asleep. I knew I would wake in the morning, but I also knew that you won't be next to me. The dreams are a price too small to pay for eternity. One infinite moment for me, while you sleep. My eyes on your skin, instead of kisses. My breath on your eye lashes, instead of the wind. You in my thoughts, for years, and years...